Our personal loan programs will improve your credit & enhance your lifestyle.

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The Borrowing Club saves our personal loan customers and members on average $467 per month & $63,932 over 10 year average.

First Step to Get a Personal Loan

STEP 1: Get Your Rate 

 At TBC our research team works diligently on researching our vast data resources in order to expeditiously provide you with the lowest rates possible.

Step 2 of a Personal Loan

STEP 2: Get Your Money

 Once TBC has researched your best available options we then contact you to discuss all of the programs that are available to you.

Step 3 of a Personal Loan

STEP 3: Live Your Life 

 Once TBC has successfully assisted you in fulfilling your financial dreams, you will be on your way to a financially free life style.

Why Choose The Borrowing Club

Personal Loans in a Little as One Day

Next Day Funding

 The simple and quick loan application process that TBC has in place, will save you a lot of time from filling out reams of tedious paperwork and allow you to enjoy your life, while we do the work. This process will expedite the loan approval and funding time to as soon as the very next day.


Thumbs Up for Home Improvement Loans

Rates as Low as 5%

TBC’s vast data pool and professional research team allows ALL TBC members to benefit from the lowest rates in the industry when they get a personal loan.


No Prepayment Penalty Personal Loan

No Pre-Payment Penalty

TBC loan products come with no prepayment penalty, which allows our members to benefit from the freedom to pay off their personal loan balances at any time they choose.



The Borrowing Club prides itself on customer service and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team will help you find the loan program that best suits your needs. The Borrowing Club has for years built itself around our industry knowledge and integrity.
Our loan programs will improve your credit and enhance your lifestyle.

The Borrowing Club: Get a Personal Loan Quick

Do you need to get a personal loan quickly? The Borrowing Club can help you with instant & quick loans online. Whether you are reviewing options for the best consolidation loans or want to review options for personal loans for some other purpose, such as establishing credit, we would be happy to help you.

We offer next day funding with rates that are as low as 5%. The speed of your loan and the rate you’ll qualify for will depend on multiple factors, such as credit score, but get started today and we’ll help you find out more as quickly as possible.

No Pre-Payment Penalty for Our Unsecured Loans

Some loan companies claim to offer the best rates for personal loans for debt consolidation and other purposes but if you opt to pay the loan off early, you’ll pay extensive penalties. We’re different. At the Borrowing Club, there is no penalty for paying your loan off early.
We are known for excellent customer service and instant & quick loans online as well as our great rates. Start living the life you want by prequalifying today. We’ll notify you quickly how much of loan you qualify for and what your rate will be.

Apply for Instant and Quick Loans Online

Customers of The Borrowing Club get a personal loan for many reasons, including: renovations, wedding plans, buying a car, taking a vacation, paying off medical bills, or paying off their debts with a lower interest rate. We can save you money and help you lower your monthly bills. Fill out the form and qualify for a personal loan between $8K and $500K quickly and easily.

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